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Nexus TLC makes your offices and home safer than ever and it helps you keep CoVid-19 away. Indeed our products perfectly integrate with the new rules that the coronavirus pandemic requires both in households and offices. Below we see the products that best suit the needs of the current pandemic:


Visionando is not limited to checking malfunctions and maintenance cycles! In the fight against CoVid-19, it’s also possible to notify and control the disinfection cycles of the environments, by notifying your personnel whenever there’s the need to re-disinfect the offices, bathrooms or any other space within your company. In addition, with Visionando it is also possible to send reports in case of unauthorized gatherings and other anomalies relating to non-compliance of rules established by the OMS for coronavirus.


With WControl, on the other hand, you can easily control how many people are present in the bathrooms of your company to avoid gatherings due to overcrowding, and it can also be installed in any other room or space where the amount of people needs to be controlled, by making any place a safe one.


Air exchange is essential when it comes to CoVid-19. With Qubee, the indoor air quality sensor, air monitoring becomes even simpler and more effective, by helping you keep away the contamination of your spaces by viruses, carbon dioxide (which, if stagnant, facilitates the circulation of bacteria even more) and any other volatile organic substances that are harmful to human health.


Social distancing in the CoVid-19 era is important. We developed a small prototype that we named StayAway - a battery-operated electronic device that sounds and vibrates when the safety distance is not respected - this makes social distancing easier to respect. This small and discreet sensor is extremely effective, and employees or workers in your company will be alerted if the safety distance is breached, all they need to do is simply put the sensor on.


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