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N-Lab is our laboratory dedicated to the service of the conception and development of innovative control and monitoring devices that can be useful in the most different scenarios by always ensuring efficiency and sustainability in both our products and our technologies.






If you have an idea to develop yet you still don't know where to start, N-Lab can help it come to life.

We can make this happen because, in addition to the devices invented by our team, N-Lab has been developed in order to meet the needs of people and companies who want to patent their idea for a software, an application or a prototype. We operate in the most different areas, starting from electronics up to 3D design and printing.


IoT (Internet of thingS)

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

VR (Virtual Reality)

AR (Augmented Reality)

App developing e digitalportals

Fast prototyping

3D design and printing

What areas does N-Lab work in?

N-Lab specialists work in different application sectors by improving and expanding their skills and technology each day that goes by. However, what can the laboratory do for you?


For small and medium-sized businesses, N-Lab can be even more helpful r to keep track of your work and monitor the work management. Whether it comes to air sensors such as Qubee, or maybe malfunctioning and maintenance alarms such as Visionando, with N-Lab it’s always possible to meet the management needs of start-ups and small businesses of any kind.


N-Lab can be helpful in the industry sector too, not only to manage the work and reduce management costs, but also for the additional development of prototypes and other ideas to help with the administration of each medium and large industrial sector.

Facilities & Utilities

N-Lab is also oriented to the development of the latest generation technologies in the smart cities field, which aims to make our cities more efficient, faster and more advanced than ever. With systems such as Site-L the monitoring work on the filling of underpasses and the grids due to rainwater has been optimized even more, yet it’s still possible to develop many other prototypes and other ideas to meet the needs of each municipality.

Contact us

If you have an idea for an app, a prototype or any other device that could either help you and your employees within your company or facilitate our work, you can fill out the form to keep in contact with us and be able to discuss your idea together.

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