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Nexus is a business which is specialized in the ICT and TLC sectors, with a solid background dealing with electronics in general, informatics, app developing and web technologies. Furthermore, our company has a particular focus on the IoT (Internet of Things) technologies for business and individuals and an essential goal: to create an increasingly safe, efficient and sustainable environment.


During the years, Nexus has always been able to face every market demand in an effective and efficient way. Our business has always been able to confront the numerous economic and social changes within the marketplace that nowadays is more and more oriented to the development and support of innovation.


Our main goal is to be able to satisfy our customers’ needs. In order to do so, we proceed with an in-depth analysis of the customer’s needs and then we build up the optimal solution studied and structured in terms of quality, performance and cost. The next step is the planning phase and then, lastly, the device we made together will be implemented according to the customer’s specific requests, everything up to consultancy and after-sales customer services.


Open innovation

Nexus, in addition to being dedicated to the production of IoT devices with a sustainable approach, is also one of the companies that cares the most about open innovation, a principle according to which a company must not develop only within itself but, in addition to relying on its own ideas, must also be open to ideas that come from outside. With open innovation we’re able to assist to an important and mutual flow of knowledge that are internal and external to one’s own scope of work, by giving everyone the chance to build a prolific partnership that brings to the integration of different types of technologies and the possibility to transform everything in purchases.

Moreover, innovations generated within our business with our partnerships with other companies have the chance to be offered for sale as technology or industrial property for other industrial realities. The final result foresees that some products reach the market using exclusively internal resources from the initial idea to the marketing of the final product and other products which, at the same time, are the result of the incorporation of external knowledge that together produce an object that can be useful for other commercial realities.

What are our application scopes?


We produce any kind of device, sensor, actuator and firmware that can make any industry, company, home and city smart with innovative technologies that can be easily managed through the development of custom-made apps and digital portals.


Nexus has a solid knowledge in the development of smart systems, both hardware and software, that are based on algorithms which are capable of recognizing images, analyzing pictures and data and making decisions in a completely automatized way.


Through the technologies of IT, TLC, Electronics and Sensors we keep improving our experience by always developing new devices that are able to simplify your everyday life and ensure the maximum functionality and efficiency of your products in an easy and intuitive way.


Our team always guarantees the maximum efficiency from their apps and digital platforms through our solid skills in programming and app developing, making your job and everyday life easier and more practical than ever.


Our team masters the art of apid prototyping for the development and production of prototypes realized thanks to the use of innovative tools in a short amount of time, without sacrificing attention to details and overall the product efficiency.

3D design and printing

In addition to the skills gained in the field of fast prototyping, our team is dedicated to the development of its prototypes through the 3D design. This is a particular type of prototyping that embodies several advantages such as a major efficiency in the design processes, a solid improvement of the visual impact, the possibility of integrating a simulation and the opportunity of interaction with other technologies. After the design phase, Nexus offers the chance to see your prototype through the 3D printing of the model.


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