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Detector is a smart and easy-to-use device that helps you in taking care of the environmental and territorial monitoring with a particular focus in tracking air quality.
It’s a latest generation device that can facilitate these tasks.

This sensor monitors the air quality and the relative presence of pollutants in your areas.

Detector is easy to use and fully customizable according to your needs.

The three steps

How does Detector work?



The end point are sensors needed by Detector in order for it to measure the air quality within a given area. These sensors are able to record the data relating to the area being surveyed.


The sensors are equipped with a wireless connection through which they’re able to transfer the collected data to the server.


Users connect to the server via smartphone or browser to consult all the data of a remote area in real time and act on the requests of the territory.
Constant and controlled environmental monitoring due to our easy-to-install sensors
Air quality control on your farms and livestock farms
Constant control and detection of any polluting substances in order to promptly protect your areas
Safeguarding the environment in protected areas and natural oasis to preserve biodiversity
Simple and timely assistance thanks to the reports available on the web portal


The system behind Detector allows a better real-time data analysis and processing, by keeping you updated on the percentage of polluting particles present in your environment. All you need to do is simply put the sensors in the place that needs to be monitored and they will automatically communicate with a server connected to your smartphone through a simple and easy-to-use app.
Thanks to its versatility, Detector can help you in the most different tasks facilitating the monitoring of air pollution, from measuring the air quality in your farming area to the warning in case of fire, from the environment safeguard to the forecast of acid rains and much more.

Flow of operation

The monitoring system starts from the installation of the sensor in the affected area.
The device continuously checks the air quality of the area and sends the data.
Through the wireless connection the cloud processes the data and transfers them to the Dashboard.
The dashboard illustrates the processed output through the usage of data and graphics, in order to make the data clear to the user. This allows you to make the most appropriate decisions.

Application examples

In the WWF Natural Oasis of the Astroni, we installed several Detector devices in order to be able to monitor the levels of humidity and CO2. Furthermore, this device measures the temperature of the indicated places of interest, saving the data on an SD card and functioning as a database to keep track not only of any polluting substance inside the Oasis, but also by continuously checking the data related to the activity of photosynthesis of vegetation, that is particularly useful for the development of natural studies within the Oasis.


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