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In any kind of business, as well as in housholds, it is simply essential to keep track of the indoor air quality which that, if stagnant, can negatively affect people's health.

All this is possible thanks to the use of an air quality sensor.

Qubee is our solution to this problem.
Simple, compact and sustainable, Qubee is an air quality sensor that safeguards your health and the environment.
Discover the merger by incorporation of Qubee SRL and Nexus TLC


When Qubee is green, this means that the amount of harmful particles in your area is pretty low and they’re by no means a threat to our health. There’s no need to change your indoor air!


When the device turns yellow, the air quality is poor and the percentage of substances that could compromise your health is already very high, yet still under the maximum allowed threshold.


If Qubee turns red, this means that the indoor air is really bad, and this either means that the percentage of carbon dioxide is too high or that there is a high presence of substances that are harmful to human health. In these conditions, changing the air is mandatory in order not to pose a danger to the health of those around us.
Make your offices, common areas and private spaces safer for your employees’ health
Constantly check the indoor air quality through the presence of CO² and volatile organic compounds
Simple application and easy-to-use thanks to the different colors of the device
Prevention of airway infections and the spread of viruses and bacteria that are harmful to our health
Economical and compact design made of recyclable materials that are sustainable for the planet


Qubee is an indoor air quality sensor.
It’s an entire recyclable device that helps you immediately understand when it’s time to change the air within your offices and households by constantly monitoring the percentage of CO2 and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds such as solvents, gasoline and other substances that may be harmful for people’s health).

Application Examples

Qubee is a versatile device that may be used not only in working areas but also within our houses to monitor the air quality and allow a better air change.

Whether it’s installed in offices or households, Qubee may help you not only to monitor the indoor air quality, but also choose the right moment to ventilate, avoiding useless thermal dispersions both in cool and hot seasons.

Case studies
Where has Qubee been installed?

Qubee was installed in the offices of FCA in order to constantly monitor the indoor air quality of the workplaces of companies and increase the safety for the health of employees.


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