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Site-L is a latest generation device built in order to monitor the state of rainwater collection points.

Small in size and easy to install, Site-L is not only helpful to prevent the flooding of rainwater from the grids, but also prevents theft and allows you to freely and constantly manage the maintenance of the collection points distributed in your city.

What’s the main task of Site-L?

Both the monitoring of the water level and the average of the values are carried out at regular intervals of time. In the second phase the data is stored and transmitted to the management center, where it can be analyzed by the sector managers.
If the measured values reach and/or exceed the maximum allowed threshold, a warning notification will be sent to the management center that will promptly intervene on the spot with the procedures established to stem the problem.
In case of unauthorized tampering or removal of the grid, an alert signal is sent to the management center which can intervene promptly to repair the damage.
Avoid flooding and the dispersion of black water in built-up areas
Monitor the opening and closing of the grates and manholes
Avoid alteration of the grids through its practical warning system
Check the opening and closing of water tanks or other critical places for the containment of liquids
Make cities and industries safer by reducing management costs


Site-L is a small watertight box with a sensor on the inside that detects the water level and an additional sensor to monitor any type of interference or tampering with the grids. In addition, each device is identified by a serial code that allows you to pinpoint the grid on which it is applied.

Flow of operation

The Site-L monitoring system starts from a sensor placed inside the water collection points (manholes), and is able to monitor the water level and the intrusion of third parties.
Inside the water collection points two sensors will be installed, one that is specific for water monitoring and one for the control of external intrusions. The collected data will be sent to a gateway device.
The gateway device designed for informations collection comes in the form of a watertight box, which acts as an information container, and it’s used to send the information to a data processing center.
The informations gathered from the gateaway will be sent to a wireless aerial which collects and processes all the informations received.

Application Examples


You can install Site-L below the opening of the manholes to check for involuntary opening and monitor any flooding.


Being an easy-to-install sensor, Site-L is adaptable to different use scenarios: the device can also be applied, for example, to water tanks or other critical places where it’s mandatory to constantly monitor the water level and the opening or closing of technical compartments or other environments.

Case studies
Where was Site-L installed?

Site-L was installed in the city of Brescia through A2A Smart City for monitoring drains and manholes in order to keep track of the outflow of black water, by making the city and its inhabitants safer from the health dangers.
Not only in the city, but also in the Montichiari waste dump, a Site-L device was installed to monitor the opening and closing of the compartments that protect the electrical cables in order to avoid unauthorized opening of the latter and to prevent theft.


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