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VISIONANDO is a versatile, easy-to-use platform that helps you manage and control all of the anomalies and failures found within your company's infrastructure. This platform monitors and controls every department of your business by making sure that everything always works at its best.

Thanks to its app, which is entirely downloadable on your smartphone, it’s possible to send reports of malfunctions of any sort in a fast and easy way: the maintenance manager will receive a notification in real time and will be able to assign the restoration job to the maintenance technicians.

Therefore it’s possible to check every single step of the maintenance or restoration phases through detailed reports that are constantly available until the work is complete. In addition, you’ll be able to schedule a maintenance program by entering the interventions to be done periodically either manually or by importing an Excel or CSV file.

Three major steps
How does VISIONANDO work?



Any malfunction or anomaly within your business can be reported directly by your employees to the manager and the maintenance technicians, in order to optimize the time to resolve the failure.


Wherever you are, all you need to do is simply open the Visionando app and frame the QR Code located nearby to carefully identify the location of the anomaly. The app will immediately send a notification of the anomaly in real time to the designed department, alerting the staff for the problem resolution. In addition, employees can be able to receive all the daily interventions to be performed with a notification on their smartphone.


Either ordinary and extraordinary maintenance can be managed and programmed in order to always have an efficient working cycle. The programming and management of the maintenance cycles through the web portal can also be useful for the final economic reporting.
Maintenance cycles planning. Data entry is possible in different formats.
Fast intervention for any kind of anomaly within your company’s building
Constant monitoring and control to optimize ordinary and extraordinary maintenance cycles
Reduction of management and installation costs with the use of a simple and intuitive app
Clear display of the maintenance cycles completed and programmed.


The malfunctions and anomalies report and the maintenance control are the strengths of VISIONANDO. This device is perfect to manage all the maintenance work, by helping you both in checking ordinary and extraordinary maintenance cycles and promptly intervening in case of faults and anomalies of any kind.

In addition, you’ll be able to program maintenance interventions either manually or directly from a CSV file or by uploading an Excel sheet to insert into the software. In this way, you’ll schedule maintenance for your company on a daily, monthly or yearly basis according to your needs.

Thanks to its use in the most different businesses, in fact, monitoring and control works and the speed of anomalies reporting will be improved, by noticeably reducing management costs. Visionando is fully customizable and it’s the perfect ally if something is wrong within your company’s buildings: in a few simple steps you can create a healthy and efficient environment that keeps encouraging productivity and is completely safe for your company’s employees.

Operation flow

User reporting

The user can report a malfunction or anomaly through its APP, all they need to do is simply frame the QRCode to locate the position, take a photo whether it’s needed, and write a note.
The report promptly arrives at the Visionando server, where through the dashboard and the e-mails the manager will be notified of the new report that needs to be assigned to the maintenance technicians associated with that type of fault.
The technicians will receive the advisory either by email or APP. They will carry out the restoration work and finish the intervention with a photo and closing note on the APP.

Planning, final balance and control

It is possible to import scheduled maintenance operations directly from an Excel or a CSV file and insert them into the program by generating a schedule for several years, day by day based on your needs.
Furthermore, it is possible to manually enter this information from the platform.
After the data entry, an algorithm will take care of reading the frequencies of the various cycles and carry out the daily planning for the following years too.
Every day the maintenance staff will know exactly what to do and where, and you’ll have a real plan with an economic cost estimate.
The maintenance staff are aware of the work that needs to be carried out during the day either through the WEB portal or through the APP, and can check the execution of each task when this is completed.
The maintenance managers will know in real time which maintenance cycles have been performed and above all they can have an economic vision of the actual execution of the cycles, therefore a final balance of the activities with the effective costs of the services.

Application Examples

VISIONANDO is installed inside the Maserati factory in Modena for the management and verification of the execution of the cleaning and ordinary maintenance cycles. In this way, employees and customers can always be aware of what is going on within the building by improving the management of all services within an industrial structure.
VISIONANDO is also installed inside an FCA buiding. Numerous tests were made in order to ensure the effectiveness and immediacy of the reports and the notifications sent to the department managers by keeping the building safe and updated on all breakdowns and maintenance work that needs to be kept under control.

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