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Needless to say, in all the busiest work areas - spacing from offices to gyms, to train stations or even airports - there’s always the chance of crowding the toilets, which makes it more difficult to monitor the frequency of their cleaning. To help you with cleaning services, WControl is by your side.

This is an implementation that consists of a latest generation high-precision sensor that can be placed on the entrance doors of the bathrooms and promptly counts the number of people passing through them throughout the day.

The three steps
How does WControl work?



The first thing to do is to place the sensors (also called end-points) where needed; these can be installed at the entrance of the bathrooms, just above the door. Whenever someone enters the bathroom, the sensor will detect the presence of a person and will send this data through the WiFi signal to the server.


The data sent via WiFi is then processed and communicated to the server, where you’ll be able to monitor the passage of people in the bathrooms either by sectioning it according to the time of day or a time interval of our choice.


Once the data has been processed, it’s time to optimize the cleaning services in the bathrooms in order to prevent their overcrowding, and avoid gatherings.
Constantly manage and control the access to the bathrooms
Guarantee better cleaning services for every company
Continuously and constantly monitor your spaces
Avoid gatherings in confined areas
Save on both management costs and surveillance services installation


WControl is a device connected to an application that is used to better organize the cleaning processes of bathrooms, in order to always offer an impeccable service to your customers and employees. Its use is simple: the sensor takes count how many people enter the bathroom and communicates this data via WiFi to a server.

Application Examples

By applying WControl in the bathrooms, you’ll be able to monitor the accesses of people inside them, and this is particularly useful to optimize the cleaning services that, in this way, become more focused and dynamic by always presenting the maximum cleanliness and safety for customers and employees.
Persone presenti
Ingresso vietato
The cleaning services system uses a sensor placed on the door to count the number of people using the toilets in order to better schedule the cleaning services.

Case Studies
Where has WControl been installed?

WControl has been installed within the Enel headquarters in Naples with the addition of a notification system on the application that signals each time the maximum number of people allowed inside the bathrooms has been reached. This increases the quality of the cleaning services of the bathrooms and continuously guarantees the best service for the employees.
WControl has also been inserted inside the bathrooms of Capodichino Airport in Naples, in a context of a great flow of people going inside the bathrooms. In this case, cleaning services have become more efficient in order to always be able to ensure the maximum cleanliness and safety for the health of all people who use public toilets.

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