• Bring your project to life

    We develop prototypes and sensors to bring your ideas to life with a custom-made path.
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  • Our Team

    We develop electronic systems and sensors in order to monitor every production factor within your business.
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  • n-Lab

    Electronic is in our DNA Thorough our products and solutions you’ll be able to control all sensitive areas of your business.
  • Products

    We’re keen to help companies in measuring and monitoring any single phenomenon, device or machinery within your company through our range of ready-made products and custom-made solutions, created with the Nexus Lab.


We start analyzing your idea, than we get into work and develop the best solution based on your needs.



We work on you idea and then we design and develop a custom-made model for your project.



At the end of our journey you’re going to have a prototype that will be based on the result of the analysis of your idea!

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I have an idea for an IoT device but I don’t know how to realize it, what can I do?

With N-Lab, Nexus’ specialized laboratory! All you need to do is simply go on its  page and fill in the form, and in a matter of days you’ll be contacted by our staff to make your idea come to life. In this way, you’re gonna have all the useful information needed for your product’s concept.

Can sensors adapt to specific situations?

Yes they can! Our devices have this particular ability to adapt to different situations and contexts. Therefore they can be implemented not only in every type of company, but also in different types of dwellings: all you need to do is simply program the sensors and apps or web portals based on your needs.

Is it possible to receive assistance in the post-prototyping production phase?

Of course it is! Nexus TLC staff can also help in the post-prototyping production of the product you’re willing to design with us.

Is it possible to carry out a small production of the prototypes designed together?

It is possible to make an estimate to be able to produce the prototypes designed by you through our laboratories.


Our main customers

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