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Water represents a precious resource for our planet and, consequently, for all of us. Furthermore, it is at the forefront of the mechanism driving climate change. In every measure and in every form, we often encounter water in our daily lives. This leads us to reflect on how essential it is. Preventive maintenance and monitoring systems can minimize its wastage. Nexus TLC offers H2O Control - a sustainable and intelligent sensor that monitors water consumption, ensuring significant savings.

The three steps:  How does H2O Control work? 


Installation of the SENSOR 

H2O Control is a sensor to be installed in your company to monitor system maintenance and prevent water wastage.


Its advanced digital technology allows for automated monitoring of the water system. The algorithm that operates the sensor identifies sound and triggers an alert in the event of a malfunction.


In case of malfunctions or emergencies, the sensor will send an alarm to a smartphone within 30 seconds of detection.
Save by monitoring your water consumption in real-time. 
Prevent wastage with its innovative AI-powered sensor. 
Collect data to receive timely notifications of any anomalies. 
Conveniently receive communications on your smartphone via Wi-Fi. 
Easily install it wherever you need it, thanks to its compact size.


H2O Control is an intelligent and sustainable sensor that monitors water wastage and alerts you to any wasteful practices in your operations in real-time. The sensor operates on a machine learning algorithm that monitors audio, analyzes data, and detects potential wastage, sending a Wi-Fi alert to a smartphone.
H2O Control is eco-friendly, compact, and can be installed anywhere.  Smart metering and predictive maintenance solutions, such as H2O Control, can significantly reduce losses, failures, and malfunctions. With this technology, it is possible to automate water system monitoring, collect data, and promptly report any anomalies.
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