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Domestic and wild bees are responsible for our well-being and, on a large scale, that of our planet. In fact, they contribute to about 70% of the pollination of all living plant species. This ensures approximately 35% of global food production. However, over the years, the excessive use of pesticides and sudden climate changes have posed a real threat to these insects. That's why it is essential to prioritize their well-being and safeguard the ecosystem. The solution lies in creating a bee-friendly environment: an advanced beehive made of sustainable wood and equipped with sensors that constantly monitor air quality. Nexus TLC offers a smart device for bees that can provide them with a shelter and a new home, contributing to their well-being and that of everyone.

The advantages of Kit e-bee How does e-bee kit work?


Create a Bee-Friendly Habitat

Thanks to its innovative sensors, you will be able to monitor fine particulate matter, carbon dioxide levels, humidity, and air temperature.

Respect nature by choosing eco-sustainable materials.

The kit is made of sustainable wood and a fully recyclable material with low environmental impact.

Learn interesting facts about bees in a fun way.

Included app with games, news, and trivia. A pastime for adults and children to discover together what sustainability is and how important our pollinator friends are for our survival.
Air quality control to create an ideal refuge for bees, their eggs, and their nourishment.
Easy installation in open spaces such as balconies, gardens, terraces, or even at universities and outdoor business areas.
Continuous and controlled monitoring of air quality thanks to the innovative integrated sensors.
App rich in games, news, and trivia about the world of bees.
The perfect place for all insects, birds, plants, and, of course, our bees.


The kit is exclusively constructed with sustainable wood derived from recycled materials, completely recyclable, and with low environmental impact.
The ideal spot for all insects, birds, plants, and, of course, our bees. It consists of sensors that monitor PM2.5, PM10, temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels. With Kit-e-bee, you can easily install it:

• On a balcony
• In a garden
• Outside a window
• Near a tree
• In the outdoor space of your company
• In cities
• Universities
• On the trees in our city
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